Novel Device Rapidly Identifies Brain Cancer Type

Image result for Novel Device Rapidly Identifies Brain Cancer TypeResearchers from the Nagoya University have developed a new device for rapid identification of a mutation that is strongly associated with a cancer that affects the central nervous system. This advancement could potentially enable accurate removal of the entire tumor during surgery.

Tumors affecting the brain or spinal cord are called gliomas. They are particularly difficult to treat because they don’t have clear edges, making their removal very difficult and sometimes even impossible. This leads to high levels of recurrence and mortality.

Previous research has shown that a particular mutation is very common in gliomas but rare in normal tissue and other cancers. Now, researchers have developed a micro-sized device that can determine whether a sample is positive for that particular mutation using only a small sample. This innovative approach takes only 15 minutes and it might allow surgeons to identify a specific type of brain tumor and map out its margin during surgery, enabling its full removal.

The device is called an “immuno-wall microdevice”. “The immuno-wall determines whether a sample is positive for a specific mutation in the isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 gene, which is present in around 70%-80% of grade II and III gliomas,” explains coauthor Toshihiro Kasama.

The tests have shown that the device is highly accurate.


Nagoya University via EurekAlert (


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